Vianca “ Mookie” Lay

Vianca “ Mookie” Lay

Vianca was born in Atlanta, Georgia and had a unique upbringing. She was raised in Orlando Florida and Key West. Her parents were both very involved in her life and it carried over to her love for her entire family. Speaking of family, she jumped right into her family business starting as a bartender at Virgilios Martini Bar when she made Key West her permanent home in 2021 then quickly excelling to her new roll as sales associate for Catered Affairs.

She enjoys boating, traveling, baking and of course her biggest passion of all – shopping. Vianca aspires to have her own family one day and has the utmost respect for her immigrant grandparents who came here from Cuba in the early 60’s for a better life. Island life is the right life for her, The work hard- play hard attitude in the Keys is second to none.

Vianca is extremely organized and always has her guests’ best interest front and center. She has an Associates Degree in General Studies, and is the recipient of several company awards recognizing her outstanding achievements to date. Vianca loves people and always sees the best in everyone. Having her as part of your event means you have the right choice.

“ Que Sera` Sera`”